Our existential project can only take one form: Architecture.
Its essence is three-fold: overcoming the past, development in the present and opening to the future.
Its instruments are desire, care, trial, technique and art.
Its engines are anger, will, passion, curiosity and freshness.
Its intervention fields are public and private. The world, cities and individuals, everyone needs quality.
Its purpose is continuous improvement. Create happiness that is responsible and shared.


A ][ Architecture

With a big A. Ambitious. Architecture is generous. Towards the environment, towards society and towards the city.

B ][ Baukunst – architecture or the “art of building”

Architecture is not exclusively building. It is spatial exploration with conceptual thinking, insight and emotion. Architecture necessarily involves a state of mind.

C ][ Chaos and Kosmos

Order and chaos are sources of inspiration. We work on creating order in chaotic projects. We like to clean up, to explore, to structure and to find solutions. That is why we are architects.

C ][ Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship does justice to human capacity and makes things last.

C ][ Create

Create without fear. Regardless of approval and success.

E ][ Entwurf and Epoché

Let things evolve by experimentation and lack of preconceptions. Inclusion of the unconscious in the design.

E ][ Elegance

Architecture involves profound aesthetic research.

F ][ Facade and Depth

A building needs layers like an animal.

F ][ Future

The future is an exciting possibility. It is a mystery that we have to unveil with an open mind, ability to choose, courage and action.

I ][ Infrastructure

Architecture and infrastructure must be complementary: architecture that does not take into account infrastructure is a mere stage set; infrastructure that is independent from architecture is service without soul.

I ][ Identity

We are beasts, we are human, we are gods. We will fight with strength, cunning and intelligence. We shall listen and create space for dialogue. Love for the world and for everything that's in it guides our steps.

M ][ Music

Forms and spaces are like music. They can be loud or quiet, fast or slow, rough or gentle. It is our passion to play note after note.

N ][ Nature

Nature does not need man, man does need nature. Stupid are those who do not respect it. Blind are those who do not see its beauty.

P ][ Public space

We intend to fight to safeguard public space. We hate the car culture that privatizes it. Spaces must be at the service of people, not of machines.

S ][ Systemintelligenz

We work as a system between the human brain and technology. Data is informing our thought constantly.

R ][ Radical reuse

Radical reuse in the sense of Aaron Betsky. We are interested in the aesthetics of a non-throw-away society. The old can live with the new and become new in turn.

R ][ Rage

We are angry, determined not to be content. We will not allow anyone or anything to stifle our freshness and enthusiasm. We have the courage to say no in front of what is wrong. We are in revolt. And we will move forward.

R ][ Research

We want to find out what we don't know yet and what we didn't expect. We are dedicated to dig deep.

R–W ][ Right and Wrong

Architecture is more about taking care than about right or wrong. It is beyond morality.

S ][ Style

When architecture locks into a style, it may be gone.

S ][ Subconcious (the)

Interest in things and ideas which come from nowhere. A mind is an uncontrollable fountain.

U ][ Upsetting

Disturbing architecture is not necessarily bad architecture: it is architecture that has something to say, and says it.