zerododici is an international Architecture and Design practice founded in Tokyo and based in Milan, Italy.

Currently, OXII is working on projects in Alto Adige, Lombardy and South Asia. We focus on new constructions, refurbishments and custom made interiors.


We are hiring now talented young architects for experimental furniture design, graphics, renderings and illustration in our new office in Milan. Please send your portfolio to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Achim Reifer (MArch)

Business Partner, Design Architect

* 1986 Brixen, Italy

Studied Architecture at the Technische Universität Wien and Tokyo University of the Arts (Yokomizo Makoto)

Worked for Matthias Schindegger and Coop Himmelb(l)au

Diploma with distinction under Will Alsop

t-sa forum 2014, Architectural Association, London

Class A qualification, IUAV Venice

AR is a a registred architect in Italy and part of the architects chamber in Bolzano (BZ).



Stefan Reifer

Business Partner

* 1989 Brixen, Italy



Emanuele Melli (Arch)

Design Architect

* 1994 Brescia, Italy

Studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano

Worked for Tres Architettura+Ingegneria, Padova (PD)

Collaborated with the DCEF Studio, MIlano (MI) and Archiplan Studio. Mantova (MN)

Itinerant Masters Degree Program in "Architecture and Museum Design For Archaeology, Innovative Design and Management of Archaeological Heritage" XV edition

EM is a a registred architect in Italy and part of the architects chamber in Mantova (MN).




Suada Dema (Arch)

Creative Assistant




2010 Vienna Design Week, Austria

2012 CTBUH, Seoul, Korea

2014 Archidiploma, Vienna, Austria

2017 Milan Design Week, Italy

2023 M&O Paris, France




Refurbishment, t-sa FORUM Vol.5, 2014, AA School London

ISBN: 978-0-9554881-4-6


Tokyo Fish Market - May its spirit live on

ISBN: 978-3-330-51344-0