pergola & outdoor kitchen, Gardone Riviera, Italy


addition to pool area in residential villa by david chipperfield. the concept is to genearte a quality outdoor space which can be used while relaxing on the pool and as an event space including a custom made outdoor kitchen and table in the evenings. the material choice of siberian larch on a metal frame and of solid concrete is thought to respect the architecture and integrate to the ensemble in continuity with the main building, but with it's own character. a natural aging of the materials is fostered to create a patina on the materials and make them age in beauty and decency. 



IMG 2686



IMG 2689



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IMG 2731



IMG 2730



Plane 2



Plane 1


design: zerododici architecture, milan

realisation: F.lli Reifer Custom, brixen

materials: fine siberian larch on invisible metal frame, solid concrete

photos by achim reifer.